Sunday, 7 June 2015

Teasecake Time!

I recently finished my job in Exeter and am in the middle of a relaxing 3 weeks between jobs. I came back to Nottinghamshire this weekend after making the most of my last week in the place I've called home for the past 4 years! It's been emotional, but I'm excited about what's to come!

Obviously this has meant lots of goodbyes and get togethers. A friend from work invited me and a few colleagues over for a dinner party. I offered to make dessert, and given my free time I decided to make something a bit different...

I've never made a non-bake cheesecake before and didn't actually think I liked the (I'm a ridiculously picky eater), but after finding a recipe for a Malteaser Cheesecake, I didn't really think I could go wrong...

I wasn't mistaken.

The recipe is taken from BBC Good Food (I changed it a teeny bit but all credit to the genius that came up with this). It doesn't really even take that long to make, but will need 5 hours to chill & set.

I used a 24cm loose bottomed round tin. Remember to line it so you can get the cheesecake free easily!


200g malted milk biscuits
100g unsalted butter, melted (I didn't melt mine, which meant the base was a bit too crumbly so don't miss that!)
5tbsp caster sugar
600g soft cheese
300ml double cream
300g white chocolate, melted
200g milk chocolate, melted
2tbsp malt powder (I used half a sachet of the malteaser hot chocolate drinking powder which then meant there was enough left over for a drink too...)
37g bag malted sees


Bash the biscuits up into crumbs. Putting a lot of effort into this will mean you burn off enough calories to eat a slice of this guilt free...maybe.

Mix together the butter, biscuit crumbs & half the sugar

Push into base, making sure it's level.

Leave this to chill whilst you make the topping.

Melt the two different chocolates separately in glass bowls over a simmering pan, or in the microwave.

Then, add the white chocolate to a bowl with half of the cream cheese and half of the cream.

In another bowl, you need the milk chocolate, malt powder and remaining 3tbsp sugar. Beat both bowls until they are super smoooooth.

Get the biscuit base back from the fridge and spread the milk chocolate mixture over the top, keeping it as even as you can on the top. Wipe round the side of the tin so your layers stay as neat as possible!

On top, add the white chocolate mixture and smooth with a spatula (let's just say I went for a more rustic look...) 

Finally, top with malteasers! The original recipe used white chocolate malteasers but I went for the milk chocolate version to give a bit of a contrast.

Refrigerate for 5 hours (if you can stay away that long!!)

And what you get, with surprisingly little effort (but sshhh) is a pretty impressive looking dessert! 

This goes pretty far, as it is quite rich so a small slice is plenty! Give it a go, you won't be disappointed! 

I'm going away to Suffolk this week so will hopefully have a new post up soon!

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  1. Wow Niobe! That cheesecake looks really yummy, you domestic goddess! Save me a piece? Ooooops it's probably too late I expect :P hahahahaha! :) :) :) xoxoxoxoxox


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