Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Revision Blues

I'm not very happy.

It's mid April, and the past few days is the first real sign of Spring we've had in the UK this year. The weather has been pretty horrible for months, constantly grey and rainy.
But now the sun is shining, the sky is blue, there's a nice breeze... and I'm stuck inside revising.

My exams start three weeks today, and I have three in total, spanning over about a week and a half.
There's a lot to learn.
Obviously I want to do well, so over the Easter break, when I haven't been out with friends and family, at work, or asleep, I've been revising. 
(Well, a lot of the time I've just been pretending, but shhh)

I'm a master of procrastinating. 
I'm tempted to clean and sort out my room after posting this.
On Sunday, I rewarded myself for doing about 1% of my target Economics revision for the day by baking a cake. 
Why not, eh? Everyone deserves a break!...

At least I've got company. 
This is Hebe.

She's spent all day yesterday and today lying on the windowsill next to my desk and coming for a cuddle when I'm losing motivation.

And when my motivation's running reeeeally low, I've always got my I Hate Economics Revision cake!

A month tomorrow I finish my exams, then I have a 17 week Summer.

Work now, play later.
I'm sure it'll pay off.

I suppose I better get on...


  1. Haha! I know what you mean! That's a nice looking cake though. Cake baking is of much more use than boring revision :) Hannah x



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