Friday, 26 April 2013

S/S Wishlist

I've been reading blogs for quite a while and from time to time, a blog post pops up with people's fashion wishlists. It's always a good way of seeing new bits and pieces I might not otherwise see. I've decided to do the same, for a number of reasons really.

Internet shopping is great, and so convenient, but can certainly be a big dent on my bank account. 
Nevertheless, I can spend hours clicking around various clothing, accessories and homeware websites checking out the latest goodies. Especially during revision time.

Spring finally seems to be starting here in the UK, which means it's time to ditch the coats and boots and get out into the sun. Until now it's seemed a bit pointless buying summer clothes - it seemed like summer was never going to start! So 

I'm also currently on a summer/beach body diet (isn't everyone during April?) and finding some treats to reward myself with is always good motivation.

Aaand good news - I've managed to get a job! It's a part time one which will go alongside my University studies, so won't be that many hours. Still, it's a bit more money for a summer spending spree at some point!

So here's what's taken my fancy so far...

[From left to right, top to bottom]

What are you all after this season?!

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  1. I totally agree, summer isn't summer without a pair of Toms, I got a new pair last week, comfiest shoes ever!
    Great wishlist!

    The Dress Code


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