Friday, 8 August 2014

Rufford Park

Recently, my Granny and I went for a day out to Rufford Park, just north of Nottingham. We’ve been going 
since I was young, and now occasionally go for a wander round the lake and a catch up.

Unfortunately after this heatwave we picked a day where it was quite cloudy, but a nice breeze meant it wasn’t so hot we couldn’t enjoy the walk.

Rufford is home to an old Abbey and there are re-enactments and craft fairs throughout the year.

It's also home to a lot of geese...

But the lake is what we normally go for; it’s a nice hour long amble where you can watch the ducks and geese and admire the view.

And after working up an appetite may I recommend the Saville Restaurant which offers a three meat carvery for a very good price… I don’t have a photo of this because my gravy was dripping all over the place and I was making a bit of a mess, but if you imagine a roast, and double the size, you can probably imagine the plate in front of me.

I was stuffed!

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