Saturday, 2 August 2014

Annie's Burger Shack

On Thursday, myself and a couple of friends went to Annie’s Burger Shack in Nottingham. I’d received good news about a new job during the day and this seemed like a good way to celebrate. We’ve been meaning to go for a while and finally managed to get a date which suited, and a table.

 It was well worth the wait.

Annie’s started off as a burger kitchen in a pub, but in the past year or so has developed into a popular restaurant in the old Lace Market area of town. It’s now a two storey affair, selling burgers on the ground floor, and the basement is a bar. The perfect night.

We started off with a strawberry milkshake as we waited for a table.

They split the restaurant in half; one half is bookable, the other is for people dropping in. We tried to book a few days before and were told it was fully booked, and so arrived an hour before we wanted to eat in order to ensure we got a table. It wasn’t too busy so we didn’t have to wait that long, but it was a week day evening. Big groups and weekends I’d certainly recommend booking in advance if you can.

It was fine though… we needed plenty of time to give the menu our full attention and decide which burger we wanted. There are thirty options… THIRTY. And each one is available for vegetarians or vegans as well as meat.

It’s a big decision.

It ranges from the classic cheeseburger to some pretty surreal ones. I was tempted by The Gringo, a burger with a tortilla basket on top full of spicy rice, refried beans and salsa, but figured I’d NEVER finish it! There’s even a Sunday Dinner burger, complete with roast chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes and a Yorkshire pud. I love burgers, I love Sunday dinners… I just couldn’t quite imagine them together drenched in gravy! 

Maybe next time…

Emma ordered The Jamie Blackmore, which comes with BBQ’d pulled pork, salsa and Red Leicester.

Claire went for the Delta; cheese, olives, onion rings, jalapenos, and added bacon…

I stayed pretty safe and ordered the Reggie, which is served with cheese & bacon and a crispy hash brown in between those and the patty.

I wasn’t disappointed. It was delicious. Served with curly fries (you can choose from a range of sides), I’m not sure any burger I’ve had before competes. It was huge, but it was delicious.

A bottle of cider later I plodded on home, full, but very happy.

We’re planning our next trip to Annie’s already.


  1. This looks incredible! I love a good burger. We have a place near my work that just did a special with candied bacon on top. It definitely made me pretty sleepy though, haha.


  2. This shack sounds great. Burgers are one of my fave food to eat.


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